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Jordan Flipsyde

Chance to read your blog, I really like your blog, let me learn a lot! I will focus on your blog, refuels!


yes, i see this here in philippines. especially in province.


I also did this when I was younger, this is a convenient purse for small change or bet maybe.


I have never seen anyone do this before... Lee's commentary is hilarious. I learned something new today :)


Interesting indeed...


funny bec.i used to put coins in my ear too when i was small :)i remember i did!


LOL LOL! Syd because my uncles and half brothers did that all the time.. and yes they've got big ears.. you know I have quite a set of ear lobes too! Hey can you get someone squatting on the corner street? Us Filipinos, we can squat like no other! My kids still have a kick out of it.. I'm loving your shots.. keep em coming!


Weird Sydney - I've never seen a person, in my life, wearing coins in their ears. Thanks for this shot - I won't act surprised if I ever see it now.


Wonderful portrait. Never heard of the coin in the ear before, so this is another new sight for me :)


hi sidney - great portrait and interesting with the coin discussion!


Very interesting portrait and stories from your fans here, Sidney!
It reminds me of the time when I was a youngster, one of my classmates got an eraser stuck in his ear, and had to go to the hospital to get it removed. It's not a good idea to put things in your ears! ;)


Interesting. Nice photo. I wouldn't want change from them.


hi sidney, when i was a scrawny kid running around in my short pants, i used to put 3 25-centavo coins in my ear whenever i go out of the house. yes, the ear does make a very convenient coin purse! and most of my friends then also did this everytime! :-)


Scary looking dude. What's enjoyable is reading all the comments here, about what everyone thinks about the coin. Interesting.

Chris V.

Another great shot, Sidney. I'm not so sure the subject looks menacing, just caught off guard. The coin in the ear is a nice detail.


Great shot - he does indeed look a little menacing...


My theory: it's much easier/faster to get loose change from your ear than to dig deep into your pocket when you need to pay the jeepney driver!


I am very thankful for all your comments. The mystery of the "One Piso coin" is solved. Thank you for all the wonderful stories!

To Ren: I can't hide anything to you. Indeed it is the Pinoy version of billiard.


This is a great portrait.


The different customs from each zone are a very peculiar thing. The picture is perfect.

Anna Lyn

I think it is more of a habit than anything else...


Very interesting site you got here. I'd like to see how a Belgian National look into Philippines.

And also very cool portrait shot. Gots lot of character.


i'm slowly moving into street photography alos, i havent puiblished them on my site yet... a different feeling also when you do this kind of photography...


I've forgotten that Filipinos do this back there. But you know what's interesting? I've never seen a Filipino here in Winnipeg, Canada tuck a coin in their ear.


Intriguing subject, and a good capture of his expression. I take it there is nothing wrong with their hearing?

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